About the Blog

Starting a new chapter in your life can be challenging, exhilarating, scary, inspiring, daunting and the best thing that ever happened! I know. I felt all that and more when I changed careers to become a professional life coach.

New chapters in your life can be expected or unexpected. Sometimes it’s something you chase and planned for. Sometimes it’s unplanned and you didn’t see coming.

But whether expected or not, a new chapter is like a blank page for you to write on or a blank canvas to draw upon. It is important to take the time to reflect on the vision you want to live into.

What is the story you want to write on that blank page?

What is the picture you want to paint on that blank canvas?

I have learned that life has a way of working out for the best. For each new chapter, it is about discovering the opportunity in the midst of the challenge. It is finding the silver lining in the cloud.

The focus of my blog is to give you tips, information and resources to support you in living your best future now.

I take a coaching approach when writing my blog. That means I’ll give you questions to reflect on and action steps to take. All so you make the info I share part of your life now.

Life can be grand. A new chapter is your life is the perfect opportunity to make it so.