31 Jan

An Easy Way To Stay On-Track With Your Resolutions

 We are at the end of January and I was wondering how you were doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

Did you make any?

I don’t usually do a formal list of resolutions. Instead I choose a Theme for the Year that I focus on for the New Year. My 2018 Theme is Health-Love-Connection.

To implement the Theme there are still action steps for me to take, especially when it relates to health.

As you know from my past newsletters, I’ve had kidney stone issues and it’s meant significant changes to my eating habits (no chocolate). The diet changes I can manage (avoiding the pain of kidney stones is a great motivator). Where I fall down is regular, daily exercise.

And you? Is there an area in your life you’d like to improve or changes you need to make but keep procrastinating?

What if I could give you a tool to help you stay on track?

A tool that’s:

  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Available in the moment

The tool is this – when tempted to procrastinate, avoid or not follow through with your resolution, ask yourself the following “In The Moment Question”:

“Tomorrow what will I be glad I did?”

The “In The Moment Question” brings your resolution into the “now”. It shifts your focus to how glad you will feel once the task is done.

I used the “In The Moment Question” yesterday when debating whether to get on my exercise bicycle or not. It also spurred me on to calling a friend before she left on her trip.

I’ve used it when shopping (it can stop an impulse buy), choosing healthy meals, staying off my computer, and making sure I have had my walk in nature.

Do you see how using the “In The Moment Question” throughout your day can make a difference?

As a reminder and to help you stay focused, I invite you to print the “In The Moment Question”:

“Tomorrow what will I be glad I did?”

Post it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or make it your screen saver. To make it more eye-catching, use your favourite colours and font. Why not include a favourite picture of yourself with the printout?

Here’s to staying on track with your resolutions.

In service,