17 Feb

An Inspirational Moment – Love and Kindness

With Valentines Day on the 14th and Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th, I chose An Inspirational Moment quote for both…

        “The essence of love is kindness.” Robert Louis Stevenson

I love the simplicity of this quotation.

To express love, practice acts of kindness.  And like all acts of caring, remember to be kind to yourself too.


Kindness can start with your words – what you say to yourself and what you say to others.

Interrupt the constant chatter of your own inner-critic voice and replace it with words of appreciation, acceptance, encouragement and hope.

Pause, take a breath and resist the words of complaint or criticism that you might be about to speak.  Instead, what if you said: “Not a problem, mistakes happen.” or “It’s o.k., remember for next time.”  or “Can I help?”

Acts of kindness are not limited to speaking kind words but I invite you to start there – it’s a simple way, not always easy, but worth the effort.

In Service,