25 May

De-clutter Head and Heart

“What I know for sure is that when you de-clutter – whether it’s on your home, your head, or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.” – Peter Walsh,

One of the things I love about quotes is the different perspective each gives. Walsh’s quote does this for de-cluttering.

To me, “de-cluttering” means clearing my home of unwanted items, ideally giving them to a good cause so they are used again.

But Walsh’s perspective of de-cluttering “your head, or your heart” got me wondering…

What if you could clear your head of thoughts that cloud your thinking?

What if you de-cluttered your mind of thoughts of worry, regret or resentment?  Thoughts that cause you to feel anxious, angry or stressed.

What might flow into the space instead?

Would you be open to thoughts of:

  • Faith, acceptance and gratitude
  • Love of self and others
  • Belief that all will be well

What else might flow into the space that would enrich your life?

  • Ideas for new projects
  • Inspiration for the way ahead
  • Guidance on next steps

By de-cluttering your mind, you would be free to hear your own inner wisdom.  Have clarity for your heart’s desire.

Worth considering?  If so, try the following process:

  • Write down your worries, fears, or resentments – the first 3 that come to mind
  • After reading them, say to yourself “I now let these go.”
  • Toss your list in the trash.
  • Sit quietly for 15 minutes focusing on all that you are grateful for, including yourself
  • Repeat daily

Notice what flows into the space that enriches your life as you de-clutter your head and your heart.

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Vickie Townson, PCC, Life’s New Chapter Coaching
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