15 Jan

Seize the Day

Ever wanted to begin something new but couldn’t get started or stay committed?

That’s how it’s been for me with strength training. I’ve wanted to make it part of my regular exercise routine for years.

I did strength training for a while when I had a gym membership. Then I had tried a “10 minutes-a-day” strength training program but didn’t do it consistently. It was always “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Sound familiar?

Amazingly, I now have a regular routine that I stick to – 40 minutes, twice a week – based on the book “Strong Women Stay Young” by Miriam E. Nelson.

So what changed? What got me into action?

I had an “aha” moment.

Seize-the-DayA sudden, clear realization that if I was going to do strength training, I only had today to do it.

In that moment, I saw the futility of putting off until tomorrow what was important to me.

I only have today to act.

If I want good health and a healthy lifestyle, today is the day to make a healthy choice.

I’m focusing on health but can you see the bigger picture of what I’m saying?

Seizing the day and making empowering choices relates to all areas of your life.

  • Today is the only day you have to smile
  • Today is the only day to laugh and have fun
  • Today is the only day to be kind – to others and yourself
  • Today is the only day to learn something new
  • Today is the only day to go for a walk
  • Today is the only day to be joyful
  • Today is the only day to say “I love you”

And you?

What have you been meaning to do but keep putting off until tomorrow or “some day”?

What if you seized the day, today?

What if you lived this day as the only day you have to live into your plans, your hopes and your dreams?

Start now! Imagine the difference it will make…