5 Jul

What’s Your Story For The Rest of 2019?

Did you have plans for the year and wonder where the time has gone?

Do you have a sense that time is passing too quickly?

I know the feeling.

I have a fun and imaginative way of getting back on track with your plans for 2019.  It’s a free writing process – writing a story you can live into for the rest of the year.

To write your story, imagine it is December 31, 2019 and you are looking back on the year.

Then write your story of how the last six months went.  

You can write as if you are writing in your diary, describing what happened and your experiences from July to December.   

Highlight any special events, celebrations or milestones.

Because you are going into the future and looking back, use the past tense when writing e.g. It was amazing how well our trip out west went.  Weather was ideal and we met the nicest people.

By writing in the past tense as if the events have already happened, it’s easier to imagine your year and not be concerned with the “how”.

To Write Your Story

Give yourself time for reflection and allow about 30 minutes for the exercise.

As you sit down to write, create a space of quiet.  Turn off technology and any other distractions.  Perhaps sit quietly for a few moments with a cup of tea or coffee.

To trigger ideas for your story, ask yourself:

  • What was I glad I started in the summer?
  • What were my most memorable moments?
  • What were three things that made the last six months special for me?

As you write, you are capturing snapshots of your life and creating a belief that you are more capable than you may feel at the moment.

Once completed read your story to yourself out loud.  Feel the excitement of what’s possible.

Your story will give you clues and ideas for plans to make and actions to take.

Stay inspired.  Read your story to yourself in the weeks and months ahead as a reminder of your intentions for the balance of 2019. 

In service,


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