26 Feb

You Nurturing You!

Love letters in the sandFebruary is traditionally about love and relationships so I felt it timely to focus on your best relationship – the one with yourself. It’s about you nurturing you!

Nurturing you is nurturing all of you – your physical, emotional and spiritual sides – as each is connected and influenced by the other. I’ll be giving you tips and ideas for nurturing each.

Nurturing you is key for your own health and well-being so let go of feeling guilty or selfish for taking time for you. Remember, you can only care for others, if you take care of yourself.

Let’s start with the physical…

Physical Well-being

Did you know, studies show that after age 50, lifestyle is more important that genes? It’s essential to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

To nurture your physical well-being, there are 3 things to do daily:

• Move (a.k.a exercise)
• Eat (nutritiously)
• Sleep (be rested)

I kept it short and simple. It’s easy for you to do a daily check-in to include all 3.

Emotional Well-being

Nurturing you includes nurturing your emotional well-being. Some days it’s more important that than the physical.

You know your emotional well-being is out of balance when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. The demands of others, both family and career, may leave little time for you. It’s essential that you do so.

Try one or all of these:

Spend time in nature – a walk in the park, moments in your garden.
Remember to play – whatever play is for you.
Be kind to yourself

Your Spiritual Side

The word “spiritual” means different things to different people. From my perspective, it is that quiet inner-voice that guides and inspires you.

The following are ways to nurture your spiritual side:

Daily ritual of quiet reflection or prayer, in the early morning or late evening.
Add music to your life – listen, sing, dance. Decide what you need in the moment.
Count your blessings. Express appreciation and gratitude for the simple everyday things, as well as the momentous ones.
Combine some of the suggestions to make it easier to incorporate them into your day. I combine exercising and nurturing my emotional and spiritual well-being by walking outside, in nature, by myself (that’s my time for quiet reflection).

Experiment with the different practices until you find the ones that are best for you. I know you will be amazed at the difference they make in your life.

Here’s to you nurturing you.